Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the ones that got away

Some photos that have slipped through the cracks the past few weeks.

Bananas so ripe they were just begging to be made banana cake of // I had so many fresh flowers in my room the other day I felt like Lorelai Gilmore // The best part about drinking fresh coconuts is cracking open the top and scooping up the flesh, at  Bread and Circus // Cakes at the Potts Point markets // trying on a Benah pistachio Kodi cuff for size. Not bad with my current bangles, ey? 



R A said...

Did you get the cuff? It looks like a winning purchase to me!

Hannah said...

I've been spying on that cuff online for a while now.. can you buy it from the corner shop? Ok now I really need to go to bread and circus!! :)

hannah-rose said...

RA - I didn't get it! thinking about it. :)

Hannah - it's not at the corner shop I don't think... you can get it online pretty easy though, especially from the benah website! how big is your wrist, are you worried about size??


hannah-rose said...

ps. Hannah - you HAVE to go to bread and circus you will LOVE it.. it's expensive but I personally dont mind paying for excellent, mouth-watering food... yum yum yum!!!