Monday, July 2, 2012

bits and pieces

A couple of other pics that have slipped through the cracks.

Always going to love this guy // getting lost at Fratelli Fresh // Flowers from t-dogg // T2 loose leaf chai is some kind of wonderful // the view from Echo Point, the Blue Mountains.



Jennifer said...

Love the bag! Gorgeous pictures :)

AVY said...

Very cute bag yes.


Sarah Dee said...

That market looks insanely wonderful!


soniadeli said...

oh I will always love your Celine bag as well :)

Minnie Seibt said...

I love the bag!!!!

follow each other? :)

hannah-rose said...

Jennifer - thank you! the bag is such an old favourite.

AVY - :))))

Sarah dee - it's very cute - it only stocks italian products!

Soniadeli - haha you and me both!

Minnie Seibt - thank you :)


Buy Bags Online said...

Nice bag.