Wednesday, September 5, 2012

go for gold

1,2 - Jeana Sohn // 3 - Ilana Kohn // 4 - Childhood flames // 5 - me

Public service announcement. I am never, ever, ever going to get tired of delicate bits of gold jewellery. I balance it all out with my blingin' watch, but in truth I love little things the best. Little rings, worn doubled up above the knuckle or jammed against the hand, tiny and simple and true. A little bit of a bitch to take off when you wash your hands, but I made this bed and all that. Little bracelets, layered against each other, one, two and three. Little necklaces with tiny little gemstone flower pendants. And little anklets, just because if you're going to serve cake you might as well ice it. I must be such a girl, because nothing makes me quite as happy as jewellery.



Rachel said...

Lovely! I used to be into really chunky pieces, but lately I've been eyeing sleek, delicate jewelry. I bought a pair of Catbird's threadbare rings earlier this year, but in a size too big and they slipped right off my fingers one night. :( Must replace!

Sidenote: This might be my first time commenting on your blog, but I have to say, I've followed it for awhile and I love your writing! :)

Sarah Dee said...

I just don't understand why it has to be so pricey!

xoxo Sarah

hannah-rose said...

Rachel - I know, great minds!!! I used to be all about the chunky stuff too, but I've given it all up for the delicate little things that I never take off. Seriously, those bracelets and necklaces are one me always!

Sarah - not all of them are pricey - I think the little brvtvs bracelets and such a good price, around $130 US and they're gold!! same with petitegrand. Me and RO is the next step up but I was lucky enough to get that as a 21st present from my ma and pa :)


Little Girl Lost said...

Oh no, something else to be left desired! There is something so enchanting about delicate pieces. It is that which they don't say that makes them so charming. And I was going to say the same thing about the price, good to know there are (slightly) more affordable pieces out there :)
xo Soph

caroline said...

I love delicate gold jewelries too. most of the time I tend to forget to put on jewelry but when I do it's usually something delicate, simple, understated and gold (at least in color). I love all the jewelry pieces in your collection (so pretty).

hannah-rose said...

Little girl lost - I am enamoured of delicate pieces at the moment.. Exactly, their simplicity is their point of difference.

Caroline - I've taken to leaving all of mine on, all the time, even in the shower (which is okay if it's proper metal. I remember reading something somewhere by ines de la fressange I think where she said that french women don't take their jewellery off, they leave it on always because what's the point?


Alexandra said...

I used to be a costume jewellery girl but now I'm all about the delicate stuff. Think it's too do with wearing so many masculine inspired pieces. I haven't taken off my BRVTVS double chain link ring since I got it. Love Ilana Kohn's pieces too.

Anonymous said...

love the wathch! could you tell me the brand?

hannah-rose said...

Alexandra - oooh brvtvs chain ring - lovely. I love my julia bracelet!! Ilana Kohn has beautiful jewellery too... ohhh I love it all.

Anon - it's michael kors!